To God Be Thy Glory

Gregory St. James is the author of the Godly book entitled Jesus Is No Excuse, that

explains that Jesus was a Savior, not an Excuse for you to commit sin.  Some of us

only use the word Jesus when it is followed by Forgive Me, or when we ask for

something we want.

     The book explains many unanswered questions about the bible.  Why did Jesus

say..  Pick up the Serpent and drink all deadly things .. or did he?  It explains

the Resurrection, the reason for  the Crucifixion, Women in the eyes of God.

Why are there Diseases, Hurricanes Earthquakes and other disasters.  Why are

some children born mentally or physically deformed?  Homosexuality, is there

a Heaven and a Hell?  What is it that God expects from us?  Only now is there a 

book that will answer all of your questions.   After reading it, you will say..  I

once was blind, but now I see.


     The following are excerpts from the book “Jesus Is No Excuse Words and

Verses of Gregory St. James.


                     FATHER, WHO CAN I TRUST
Father, who on earth can I trust that I can rely on more than anyone
Can I trust my friend, my brother, my mother, or even trust myself?
Who will not betray me during my hour of need?
When I am being tortured, will anyone step forward to comfort me.
Who will pretend not to know me as my name is being cursed.
Who will forsake me… tell me who will be the first.
Who should I keep my eyes on , if not my enemies for surely let
it not be a friend?
But if it is he, my brother, who cause my death I will in my heart
 forgive him
Those who have walked with me, father how can you say that
they will let me walk alone.
Those that I stood with in their darkest hour, when I reach out to
 them, they will be gone.
What have I done to deserve this, this hatred that they feel?
To sacrifice one who has saved lives and pardon one who kill.
Have I  done some wrong.. Have I hurt anyone.
I have only done your bidding spreading the word to the old and young.
But you say my enemy will see no wrong in me but my friends will
use my blood to quench their thirst.
That which was once first shall be last and that which was once
last will now be first.
Those who said that they would forever love me.. will they not
come to my aid?
For those who truly know you father nothing on earth should
they be afraid.
But …if it be better to give than to receive.. then let me give my blood.

In hope… that from this evil.. one day will bring about good.


                                   AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER
When my brother is hurt, do I feel his pain?
When he constantly asks for help, do I complain?
When he has lost his, do I give him mines?
When he needs forgiveness, do I count the times?
When he becomes lost, do I guide him the right way?
When I want him to go, do I allow him to stay?
When he is wrong, do I show him what is right?
Will I still love him even when we fight?
Do I mind being the one who always gives?
Will I be willing to die in order for him to live?
                        BENDING ON MY KNEES
When I am feeling down and I have not a single friend around.
When I search for a solution but there is not one to be found.
When I find myself alone without anyone to comfort me.
This is the time when I find myself bending on my knees.
When I feel totally hopeless and don’t want to live any more.
When I look at others who have everything while I remain poor.
When I feel like my final hope is gone.
When I ask myself, to deserve this, what did I do wrong?
Why have I been chosen to endure so much pain?
When I feel like I am going totally insane.
Whenever something goes wrong, I’m the scapegoat that they blame.
I feel just so worthless and so totally ashamed.
When I feel that there isn’t a soul in the world who cares for me.
That is when I find myself bending on my knees.
I don’t know where the money will come from to pay the rent.
Yet I know something will get here if only Heaven sent.
I don’t know how I am going to pay the electric and all the other bills.
But you can always find the way if you have the will.
Remember in order for one to get up they must first be down.
If He can keep the world spinning, I know He can turn my life around.
All that he asked of me is to hold on and not to give up.
Like Job weather out those storms that are rough.
Cause we know sooner or later there will be calm seas.
Until then I am going to keep bending on my knees.
Will the pain ever leave me, will the hurt ever cease?
The feeling that we feel when a love one is decease.
The tears that cannot be held back but so openly flow.
The feeling of complete emptiness that you feel from head to toe.
I have not lost a relative or a friend but surely a piece of myself.
People gathered to offer me sympathy but they had no idea of
how I felt.
Losing someone who was so dear and close to me.
Trying hard to be strong but feeling complete misery.
Never again seeing their smile or being able to share again
the fun we had.
Wishing that I could just take back some of things I said.
There are so many things I wish we could of done that we never
had time to do.
Like taking the time out to just spend a little bit more time with
All the things that I thought we had a lifetime to do.
Now I must convince myself that I will not be doing them
with you.
There were some times when you made me mad and got on
my last nerve.
But it was nothing compared to all the good times that the two
of us shared.
Losing a love one is such a hurting pain.
To say how you feel, one is not able to explain.
Knowing that you have lost something that can never
be replaced.
Feeling an empty loss that no amount of time can ever erase.
The only comfort that is given is knowing of their final
resting place.
Will be with the Almighty One, The Lord.. Our Grace.
                  HE WHO BELIEVETH IN ME
He who believeth in me will live for eternity.
But what does it mean to believe in the Almighty?
Are you a true believer if you attend church?
Giving ten pieces of silver from your purse.
If I give twenty will my chances be greater than yours?
If I have none to give will they allow me through their doors?
Am I giving to the true needy, be it enemy or friend?
Or do I think that I am paying off my earthly sins?
Do I give a hundred pieces of gold to help build a large church?
But not throw down one piece of silver to the poor or the hurt.
Jew, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Pentecostal, Evangel, all
Religions of now, and those of which to come.
Tell me, do I allow religion to separate me, but preach that we are all one.
If we believe that GOD made us all then let not man keep us apart.
For the true meaning of GOD is not in a synagogue, church, or temple,
but only in the heart.
Be his words spoken in the forest, on the mountain, river, house, fortress or in
a prison cell.
It does not matter where they are spoken as long as they are spoken well.
Be it from a Rabbi, Priest, Preacher, Monk, or from a mere child.
Be it spoken to just a few for it does not have to be a crowd.
If it spoken in the lowest valley it will ring out on the highest mountain top.
His voice will be that of the flood of rivers not that of morning dewdrops.
His cup that he holdeth is filleth to the brim.
One must not believe partially but only totally in HIM.
One who goes to church every day but still does wrong.
Has wasted time and money that could had been better spent at home.
Do not waste money on building temples with large golden doors.
But gather your tithes together to feed GOD’s hunger and poor.
You will not go to heaven for being the one who wears the most
beautiful dress.
For it is only he who gives to GOD’s needy is the one who will be blessed

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